Skitrax™ synthetic snow surfaces have been in use since 1985 when first manufactured and installed in Auckland, New Zealand. Through time we have developed and refined a uniquely durable high-performance formulation. Skitrax™ tiles manufactured for the original slope remained in use for decades. Through this time Skitrax has become distinctive for:

  • Superior glide & speed
  • Durability & wear resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Versatile application
  • Ease of installation and maintenance

The Skitrax™ system is comprised of interlocking plastic tiles, injection moulded and formulated to produce a rugged low friction ski surface.

Today, Skitrax™ product delivers the same outstanding performance in all corners of the world. Versatile Skitrax tiles are still put to their traditional uses in the development of year round recreational facilities and making meagre or expensive snow go further.

Additionally, they are now widely used in a range of demanding high performance applications where their superior glide, durability and ease of maintenance make them the only sound choice.

Skitrax™ is a registered trademark of Skitrax Limited in China, New Zealand, Australia and the USA.