Product Description

Interlocking units, injection-moulded and formulated to produce a rugged low friction ski surface.


Many applications exist, including:

Synthetic ski slopes

Freestyle jump ramps

Ski lift loading terminals, unloading ramps, queue lines

Ski jumps

High traffic zones (snow field access points, bottlenecks, near car parks & buildings)


Gross measure of 245 x 243 x 35 mm per tile (9.65 x 9.57x 1.38 inches)

Coverage (net)

225 x 225 mm / tile (8.86 x 8.86 inches)

1 tile = 0.051 m² (1 tile = 0.545 sq foot)

20 tiles / m² (1.835 tiles / sq foot)


Net weight approx 230 grams per tile (8.12 oz or 0.507 lbs)


48 tiles per carton, 0.480 x 0.265 x 0.500 = 0.064m³ / carton 18.9 x 10.5 x 19.7 inches / carton

Gross weight 11.5 kg /carton 25.5 lbs/carton
21,504 tiles per 20' container in 448 cartons (estimate only)

Shrink-wrapped pallets available for large quantities

Base Material

EVA copolymer

Brittleness Temperature

(F50)<-85°C (-121°F) (ASTM D746)

Thermal Expansion

2 x 10-4/°K, which is approximately 0.02%/°C
eg: from 0° to 30°C one tile will expand 1.35 mm (32 to 86°F 0.053 inches)

Expansion System

Each tile allows 3 mm 0.12 inches expansion by design

UV Stability/Colour

UV stability has been proven and tested by our own use of Skitrax over nine years in New Zealand which typically has the highest UV penetration in the world. Any colour can be manufactured, but white provides highest UV resistance.

Quality Systems

All raw material suppliers certified to ISO 9001
Contract injection moulder certified to ISO 9001
Made in New Zealand


For full details refer to


Metric dimensions are accurate, US approximate


Synthetic Slope Installation


Beginner up to 1:7 (14.3 %) with counter slope run out

Intermediate up to 1:6 (16.5 %) on average

Advanced up to 1:5 (20.0 %) on average

Moguls can be installed


Smoothly contoured, well-drained, sealed sub base capable of preventing water entry from sides and surface, geotextile usually laid before Skitrax ski tiles.


Fasten 5 mm 0.2 inches galvanised wire across top of slope anchored with pegs of suitable length and of a design suitable for the prevailing ground conditions every 450 mm 1.6 ft holding this wire firmly flush in sub-base, attach first row of interlocked ski tiles using UV stabilised cable ties (expansion joints to point to the same side and downwards of slopes at all times).
For plywood ramp installation use all screw holes to secure the first row of Skitrax Ski Tiles and allow following rows to float, after not more then 5 meters (16 ft) repeat this process, narrower length strips allow more control of heat expansion spacing.


Easily assembled interlocking units are clipped together to form large mat below anchor line (slope width x 5 meters 16 ft down), for the next five meters use same sequence again (anchor/laying).


Approximately 150-200 hours per 1,000 m² (0.247 acres).


Individual tiles can be easily replaced if requred.


Life and performance can be extended by using fine fog style water lubrication (see below). Rotation of Skitrax Ski Tiles (swapping high traffic tiles with low traffic tiles) enhances product life.


Skitrax Ski Tiles are highly durable, are easily maintained and provide an excellent glide, allowing all year round skiing.

Typical Ski Field

In marginal snow conditions earth contact can be prevented, allowing skier traffic to access and use ski resort facilities and lifts. Skitrax Ski Tiles prevent snow being pushed away in critical areas.


No pre-requisites if ground not too soft, soft surface should be stabilised with shingle, compaction techniques, or similar, drainage may help.


In low gradient area very little anchoring is required, in softer conditions use larger pegs. In steeper slope situations, professional anchoring and adequate underground stabilisation close to ski slope installation is recommended.


Cooling & Lubrication

Water Spray

To keep slope and ski surfaces cool and create improved glide and extended ski and slope life, finest mist foggers are placed about every 2 to 3 meters (6.5 to 10ft) along the bottom row of each tile matt section and along the edge of the slope using standard UV stable piping.


System normally comprises of pumps, header/storage tanks (ideally designed to collect rainwater), filtration, pressure control valves, control system (to water only those areas desired), piping network, fine mist foggers, a water recirculation option to conserve water.

 Installations & References


Only a selection of sites are shown. For additional installation information, please contact Skitrax International or your local country agent. For images - please refer to our website


Perisher Blue Ski Area, lift terminals, since 1992

Bariloche - Cerro Catedral

Yabuli International Ski Resort

Qinhuangdao Training Base

New Zealand
The Auckland Ski Slope, 6,000 m² (1.5 acres), dismantled due to highway construction.

Cardrona Ski Resort, lift terminals, since 1988

Whakapapa Ski Area, lift terminals, since 1986

Turoa Ski Resort, lift terminals, since 1989

Stratford Mountain Club, T-bar lift line access, since 1989

Park City Utah Olympic Park

Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club

Lake Placid Olympic Region

Blue Mountain

AES Winding Star Mountain Center



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