Olympic Park, UtahFor years Skitrax™ has been the primary material used in both US Olympic aerial free style training facilities in Park City, Utah, and Lake Placid, NY. Skitrax™ is used on ramps for Olympic and World Class free style aerial training, while some beginner and low level practice ramps are equipped with alternative materials.

Skitrax™ is regarded as the only material whose glide characteristics
resemble real snow and for this reason is found on all top level freestyle training ramps. Other dry slope materials are seen as a lot slower (higher friction) and therefore not suitable for Olympic level training. Although slow material is beneficial for low level ramps for beginners or school groups, such material typically requires annual replacement due to the higher friction and resulting degradation.

The Skitrax™ equipped ramps are providing many years of serious performance and have assisted athletes from all over the world in their quest for Gold. All Olympic free style training facilities in China also use Skitrax™.

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